Student Forum Discussion


Forudemics as the name might suggest, is a student forum website built around the idea of helping students all over the world from different widespread international curriculums. Whether you're doing a long-term project or preparing for an exam, you'd find comfort in knowing that students from your curriculum around the world are going through the exact same thing and hopefully, talking about it right here on Forudemics.


Forudemics is still very much in development, in the future, more features and hopefully, more curriculums will be added into the forum. When using Forudemics, as it is still in development do expect some major changes in regards to how the website might look and function, when changes do happen and the forums reset we apologize in advanced. If you would like to learn more about Forudemics, please visit our about page or contact us if you have any questions.


Although forudemics is still in development, it is developed by a team that involves students, just like all of you. Through our contact page, you can give us feedback and suggestions regarding how we could improve our website, forudemics will always be updated in a way that it will be better than before, especially for students, however, remember that we can't do it without YOUR feedback so feel free to contact us anytime.